Why choose us

Other than you, no one will care more about your new home

than us.

Oak grew from a passion for functional designs and
well-built homes, providing havens for our clients to enjoy the good life. We take pride in building quality homes across Melbourne’s south east region and rural areas. Our range is cleverly designed to accommodate the needs of families, first home-owners and investors of every type.

We aim to be a leading-edge

home building company.

Oak aims to be a leading-edge building company. We offer a full-service building experience that brings together architectural design, innovative construction, flawless project management and exceptional customer service. Our charter is to be second to none in quality and design… and to be the first, and only, choice for discerning home-buyers.

Our vision

Oak listen, build and achieve

beyond expectation

To achieve our vision of leading-edge standards, we listen, we build and we achieve beyond expectation.

Oak works with clients at all the different stages of life’s journey. Some are stepping out into their first home. Some are building an investment portfolio. Some are looking to grow a family. Some are scaling down from an empty-nest. All are trusting Oak Living with their dream of family living or their hope for financial security.

To honour these hopes and dreams, we structure a service that ensures open lines of communication at every level. We guarantee that our materials and workmanship are of the highest possible standards. And we promise that every project milestone, budget and completion date is met – on time, every time.

Our team does whatever it takes to make a

great difference

Great service makes a great difference. A memorable night out isn’t just about the setting, the silverware or the steak, it’s about all those things coming together to provide a complete experience that rewards on every level.

At Oak, we apply the same recipe to every home we build. We don’t just create clever functional designs and build excellent homes. We offer a total package that guarantees an unparalleled experience.

Our mission

As good corporate citizens, we take our corporate

responsibilities seriously.

We believe it’s not enough just to create great homes. 
Implicit in achieving world-class standard are the standards we uphold as members of the local and global community. As good corporate citizens, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously, and are dedicated to protect the interest of all stakeholders; clients, workers, contractors and suppliers alike.

Promoting a strong and safe working culture, preserving our environment by preventing waste, and leading our employees and contractors by example with a genuine approach to “do the right thing” is just the start.

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